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                SD System

                Product Overview

                SD System

                Fast Turnaround Dilution Refrigerator

                To create a fast turn-around dilution refrigerator, we revived the form factor of our first cryogen-free dilution refrigerator. The new SD system requires no lab layout or on-site installation, and with the reduced step heat exchanger stage the required amount of helium-3 is only 12 litres, making the system an effective and affordable alternative. SD system typically provides cooling power >250 μW when operated at 100 mK with only 12 litres of helium-3.

                Fully Automated Operation

                Single push of a button initiated fully automated cool-down sequence from room to base temperature.

                Compact and Effective

                MXC Flange Diameter: 150 mm | 6″

                The experimental space beneath the mixing chamber (no magnet) is 148 mm in diameter and up to 300 mm in height. The height can be easily adapted to suit your experimental requirements. The dilution unit is positioned off-center to provide maximum useful experimental space on all flanges.

                Three Access Ports

                • 2 x KF40
                • 1 x KF25

                Superior Performance

                • Base temperature well below 30 mK
                • Fast cool-down: < 12 hours to 30 mK

                Temperature Controller

                The Bluefors Temperature Controller enhance the user experience of our cryogenic systems. With a modern and intuitive user interface, you gain direct control and overview of the system’s temperature status.

                The Bluefors Temperature Controller is fully-integrated to all dilution refrigerator systems delivered from early summer 2020.

                Read more about the Temperature Controller here.

                Low Total Cost of Ownership

                Oil-free pumps and compressors in gas handling unit guarantee minimal maintenance requirements with service interval up to 3 years. The systems employ only high-quality components such as Pfeiffer Vacuum pumps and pressure sensors, VAT vacuum valves and bellows.



                Optical Ports

                We offer direct optical access to the sample space. The optical ports can be equipped with different window materials and are available in different sizes and configurations.

                Magnetic Shielding

                If required, μ-metal magnetic shielding can be fitted to some parts of the system (for example a μ-metal cylinder with one end closed inside the lower section of the vacuum can). For magnetic shielding we work together 

                Amuneal Manufacturing Corp.

                Magnetic shielding as an option should be discussed on a case-by-case basis with our sales engineers.

                4K Heater Kit

                Fully automated fast warm-up option, which allows overnight warm-up for our standard SD systems.

                Service Packages and Extended Warranty are available upon request


                Technical Specifications

                Note: Cooling power is measured on experimental flange outside MXC.



                Base temperature

                30 mK
                25 mK

                Cooling power @ 100 mK

                250 μW
                275 μW

                Cooling power @ 120 mK

                360 μW
                400 μW
                Cool-down time to base
                12 hrs
                11 hrs


                Performance Graphs

                Above is a typical cool-down curve for a SD system measured with a calibrated resistance thermometer.

                Pulse pre-cooling sequence (see spots 2 and 3) is one of the key points in reducing the cool-down time. Because we do not use exchange gas some parts of the DR unit stay ‘hot’ on cool down, which prevents condensation of the mixture. By repeatedly admitting the mixture from the tanks through the low impedance still-side of the DR and then pumping it out again, these hot spots are effectively cooled down.

                Typical Layout

                Typical Layout

                Lightweight radiation shields and vacuum enclosure suitable for handling by one person. No lifting tools or crane required.


                SD System


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